Com 546 Project Idea

Posted: January 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am very interested in the field of Digital Animation and how the technology has evolved. I plan to explore the development of its composure from ink and paper to 3-D digital graphs. I also want to touch on the way animation has evolved from a medium for youth entertainment to an alternate type of digital world that allows our minds to escape in ways that were previously unheard of (somewhat like The Matrix).

I think it will be important to touch on the early animations by well-known developers such as Disney, and then cover the history (2-D to 3-D) up until the recent project at the UW that provides burn victims with an animated virtual-reality that distracts them while they receive otherwise painful skin treatment.

Ultimately, I will look into the future of animation as a means to create and live in our own worlds and be avatars in those worlds beyond what we see in today’s SIMS and other forms of online interaction. I will not be focusing on gaming for this project, although some themes may overlap; I will mainly be focusing on the animation itself and the various types of  interaction it can facilitate including digital distractions, persuasions, and entertainment.

-Danielle Gatsos

  1. kegill says:

    Hi, Danielle — there are at least two different papers here: one would examine the technology and the other society. I encourage you to focus on one or the other, else you will have a challenge giving either topic sufficient depth. I think there was a paper on animation a few years ago – send me an email if you want me to try to find it.

  2. hey dude
    Great stuff! i got a lot of inspiration from this post
    it is very interesting ….
    i went through this page two times
    am learning for social work


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