COM 546 Expectations and Goals

Posted: January 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Com 546 seems like an essential piece to the MCDM puzzle (no wonder it’s required). We cannot prepare to move forward without knowing how we got here.

As far as my expectations for this course, I am particularly interested in exploring the ways digital media communications have affected cultural values and norms, as they have both facilitated our independence as well as hindered our interpersonal communications. I want to dive deeper into this topic and explore the positive and negative implications of a digitally driven society and the importance of digital media literacy in today’s culture. Ten years ago we would have never thought that digital media literacy should be more than a computer course in junior high and high school. Today there are talks about implementing digital media literacy programs as early as kindergarten, as was recently discussed between digital media experts and various Senators in a recent C-SPAN broadcast.

I am also excited to hear the class presentations, and learn more about the evolution of specific digital technologies. It seems like an optimal way to explore how particular digital media came about, where they are today, and where they could possibly go tomorrow.

I plan to take a lot from our exploration of the evolution of technology and the ways that we have not only become spectators but developers of media communications.

Digital design and presentation philosophy are also topics that I am very interested in. I understand that we will be touching on the proper ways to maintain an engaging presentation using digital communications as a supplement for our message. I hope to become a better presenter and digital media designer by the end of this course.

Overall I am looking forward to having a better grasp of the digital realm. The past ten, or even five years have dramatically changed the ways we conduct our daily lives in all sectors of life including, but definitely not limited to, entertainment, news, health, and social communications. And these media still have the potential to do so much more. I am particularly enthused about the opportunity to hear my peers’ predictions about the future of digital media and how they may or may not parallel my own.

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