Com 546 Lab

Posted: January 15, 2010 in Com 546

Author Jose van Dijck analyzes the success of digital animation in learning programs focusing specifically on the science sector. Evaluating two specific documentaries, Walking with Dinosaurs and The Elegant Universe, the author explores the effectiveness in using digital animation to convey scientific theories. He specifically looks at how animation makes these theories more plausible and easier to comprehend, especially for visual learners. This article concludes that animation can make documentaries more engaging and memorable not only to the scientific world, but to the everyday viewer as well.

I think this article will be great for my essay on digital animation and society because it will aid my argument that animation has changed the way society retains information in the realm of education.

van Dijck, José.(Mar2006)picturizing science.International Journal of Cultural Studies.Mar2006, Vol. 9 Issue 1, p5-24.Retrieved January 14, 2009 from Sage Journals Online.


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