Government/Health Mobile Applications

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Com 597, Digital Media
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The following are some government/health related mobile applications:

The Human Body


Summary: This mobile application features details about the entire human anatomy and how each body part works. It addresses all major systems including the nervous and muscular systems, the internal organs and the skeletal system. Additionally, it also features all major parts of the brain. It features photos of each part along with a brief description and operates as an encyclopedia of the human body.

Used by: It is great for those learning/working in medicine as well as those who are just curious about how we operate.

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad

Contractions for Mobile


Summary: This mobile application is used for women in labor so they can keep track of the distance between their contractions. The expectant mother or father can press a button as soon as the first contraction begins and it will keep track of them from there. It tracks the contraction intervals as well and the length. You just tap the screen at the beginning and end of each one. If for some reason things go crazy and you leave the app, it will still track the woman’s data.

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad

Used by: Expecting parents.



Summary: CityLife is a mobile application that allows users to locate schools, parks and transportation within their local vicinities. It allows users to constantly track local attractions. You can also rate, comment, or share information about these locations, as well as provide information as to how to improve the community. It can also be personalized and can facilitate gaming.

Used by: People trying to locate local government institutions.


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