Mobile Application Resources

Posted: July 10, 2010 in Digital Media, Mobile Applications

Site Name: MobiAD


Summary: MobiAd is a website for mobile advertising news. It features everything from trade show highlights to upcoming applications. Not only is it frequently updated with the latest mobile news, it also features top mobile campaigns at the time for us marketers who are interested in what advertising styles are most effective.

Site Name:


Summary: I love MobileActive because it addresses specifically how mobile applications can be utilized for greater good. I have been following this site since last fall when I took Emerging Markets (a class focusing on how technology can help sustain developing nations). It is especially interesting for those who want to learn more about health and community service-related applications.

Site Name: Mobile Applications News: Fierce Mobile Content


Summary: I’m not going to lie, Fierce Mobile Content is an ugly site. It is so chalk full of information you’re left yearning for some sort of photo or icon to deter your eye from all the text. But the reality is the text content is good. It is updated frequently and features information for all types of users as well as developers. It also touches on social media applications and how the mobile utilization of those is changing the way we operate in our everyday lives.


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