Mobile Application Ideas

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Com 597, Mobile Applications
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The following are some ideas for mobile applications:

1. After School

Audience: Students, coaches, athletes, parents trying to locate a place to hold organized and drop in athletic events after school hours, and/or in the summer.

Purpose: To provide youth communities with alternative options to typical after school activities and promote a healthy lifestyle as well as a way for youth to socialize in a team environment. They would be able to search for local open fields or stadiums to meet up using this app. There would also be a sign up function for pickup games and field reservations.

Competing Apps: Pickup Sports

Sponsor ideas: Local athletic clubs, sporting goods shops, school board.

2. Litter and Twitter

Audience: Good Samaritans, hippies, green evangelists.

Purpose: To provide an easy means to manually enter or take a photo of a license plate and report litterbugs, could even have an option to select litter item: cigarette, garbage, etc. It would stream reports directly to the police station. This app may also be used for nondrivers as well- using photo?

Competing apps: none known

Sponsor ideas: Department of licensing, local police, eco friendly operations, green sponsors.

3. Seattle channel

Audience: Seattle area locals and tourists looking for news and events.

Purpose: To provide an app that allows users to find out local news updates and current events and attractions specific to the Seattle area.

Competing apps: Seattle City-wide events, Seattle manual, Seattle handbook, the stranger,

Sponsor ideas: local businesses: hotels, museums, eateries, King County government.


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