My Favorite Mobile Applications for the Real Estate Industry

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Mobile Applications
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Smart phones are becoming somewhat of an essential in the real estate industry. From appraisers to borrowers the newest smart phone applications have something everyone can utilize to make their day easier. Here are my favorite real estate smart phone applications:

1. Name:

Purpose: Instantly access over 4 million homes in the palm of your hand. This is the official site of the National Association of REALTORS.

Summary: View houses for sale around your current location (uses GPS) or by address finder. This includes photos, property details, pricing, open house times and dates. Home sales are updated throughout the day so price reductions and new market additions can be seen here first. In addition, users can rank their favorites and return to them at a later date.

2. Name: Google Maps Navigation

Purpose: To replace standard GPS systems and maps.

Summary: Are you sick of having to update your GPS system or still haven’t purchased one because they’re just too darn expensive? This application solves all your problems. Not only is it free, it also facilitates easy updates if you’re worried about traveling to a new area. In addition, Google Maps Navigation allows you to search via text as well as voice activation. It also shows traffic density, has photos of satellite and street views, and provides voice turn by turn navigation so it’s like having a live navigator right there with you.

3. Name: Mortgulator

Purpose: An on-the-go mortgage calculator

Summary: While this app does cost $.99, I believe it’s worth it for everyone interested in buying or selling a home. This easy to use application allows users to input a home price as well as adjustments, insurance, taxes, monthly fees, etc. to get an estimate on their monthly mortgage payments as well as amortization anywhere, anytime.

4. Name: SmarterAgent

Purpose: Search real estate listings from any smartphone.

Summary: This app is great because it’s available for all smartphones. There are two versions of this app. The Consumer version allows for anyone to search home listings while driving or walking around a neighborhood. The Agent version allows for viewing of all MLS listings anytime, anywhere. In addition, the Agent version can be branded with your name and logo and marketed as your very own listing app that clients can downloaded directly from your website. The Agent version is not free, but it still seems like it would be a worthwile investment for agents on the go. Properties can be searched for based on GPS, address, city, or zip and users are provided with property details including everything from estimated mortgage and taxes to property photos.

5. Name: Walk Score

Purpose: Find out how “walkable” an area is with walk score.

Summary: This free app allows users to use GPS to find the Walk Score of their current location or they can enter a specific address. It also lists all local amenities with walking directions, contact information and user reviews included. Great for people who want to find a home surrounded by certain amenities or just for those looking to take a stroll in a new neighborhood!


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