A Tribute To My Instrument Of Creation

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Com 546, Com 597, Digital Media, Mobile Applications, social media

Farewell my friend, we’ve had a long ride,
you saw me through while stressed out I cried,

I’ve shed those tears in your blue gaze,
while you stuck there with me in the roughest of days,

When I was ambitious and opened too much,
I knew you’d come through- like a ready-made crutch,

Our relationship has had its ups and downs,
you’ve seen me smile and endured my frowns,

You’d sign me off like my efforts meant nothing,
then come back through cause you auto-saved something,

I used to praise you, then hate you again,
and push you away cause I just couldn’t win,

Up all night trying to get it all done,
In the past 4 years you’re the only one,

Who saw me through the pain and strife,
having you with me is vital to life,

When I pushed your button and revealed your damage,
I knew in that moment that I had lost my savage,

The strength and power you showed to that point,
was quickly extinguished like Reagan with a joint,

I hoped I would never see you crash,
but the truth is southwest treated you like trash,

I wondered if I should check my baby,
but it was free – so I let go of that maybe,

Now I’m stuck – looking at your pain,
your window of life is broken – and I’m to blame.

So good-bye my friend I’ll long to have you back,
my one, my only, my love, my Mac.


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