The Future of Mainstream Media on the Web. Com 597 Video Log.

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Com 597, Digital Media, social media
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It almost seems as though 90 seconds wasn’t long enough to express everything I wanted to for this project! The future of mainstream media is the internet. People want their news short-hand (preferably 140 characters or less), real time, and on demand. How many of us get our news by simply reading the headlines and captions on the MSN front page? Now whether today’s society is busier or simply lazier is up for debate; but regardless of the reason for this shift we have to recognize the fact that people don’t want to pursue news anymore, and pretty soon, they won’t want to pursue entertainment either. We want these media to come to us. We are no longer the consumer, we have the power to let these outlets know what we want and how we want it. And finally, they’re listening. We are the future of mainstream media.

  1. Derek Walker says:

    Great video Danielle! Today people want their news in brief sound bites and catchy headlines. Grab our attention, provide a link and let us decide whether we want to know more or not. Mainstream media will have to adapt or they will lose a big part of their audience.

  2. sara1beth says:

    Love the video clips and arrangement–you really made an effective 90 second video about the future of media. I agree with everything, but I am not sure how I feel about it yet. Are we better off with mile-wide, inch-deep, instantaneous media information?

    Finally, when Barbara Walters is talking about Twitter, you know it’s time to move on …

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Fantastic video! I think you make a strong case and I agree — they will be duplicating their work on-line. But how many people actually follow them on twitter?

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