Week 8: Best Week Ever

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Com 597, Digital Media

Last night we had an incredibly unique classroom experience. While the class was focused on digital rights management, I have to admit that topic was not exactly the highlight of the evening – not to say it wasn’t interesting or much needed information regarding the protection of media content – but the jazzfest we attended at PBS was definitely quite the treat. I really appreciated that Drew took us for a unofficial PBS tour of the station, as it was really great to see how the productions come together from the ground floor. I knew that there was a lot more to it that what we do on our home computers, but seeing the engineering studios really demonstrated just how much effort and technology goes into producing a TV show. When we went to the REEL NW I couldn’t help but admire the lighting and camera setup on the ceiling. Not to mention the free wine, beer, and treats.

Another highlight of the night was learning the porn drives the drm industry. Very interesting fact of the day.


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