Week #9 – OK, Not Really Week 9 But Lecture Week 9 – Flash Mobs and Transmedia

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Com 597

I love the idea of storytelling across mediums. I think that in order to build a community that supports and ideally advocates your product or business it’s crucial to connect with your audience on multiple levels, through multiple channels. Variety keeps people engaged, and transmedia distribution definitely requires a lot of variety. Watching an appealing and enticing video is one thing, but when the story in that video is supplemented with an engaging website, a game, and social media communication, users will stick.

When it comes to Flash Mobs I have to admit that every time I see one of these videos I am still inspired by the collaboration that is the physical embodiment of what digital communications can achieve. I know some say that the novelty has worn off, but I remain enthusiastic about the fact that these are still taking place.


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