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My crude animation on social media addiction and relationships.


I love the idea of storytelling across mediums. I think that in order to build a community that supports and ideally advocates your product or business it’s crucial to connect with your audience on multiple levels, through multiple channels. Variety keeps people engaged, and transmedia distribution definitely requires a lot of variety. Watching an appealing and enticing video is one thing, but when the story in that video is supplemented with an engaging website, a game, and social media communication, users will stick.

When it comes to Flash Mobs I have to admit that every time I see one of these videos I am still inspired by the collaboration that is the physical embodiment of what digital communications can achieve. I know some say that the novelty has worn off, but I remain enthusiastic about the fact that these are still taking place.

My analysis/hope for the future success of the internet for MCDM Com 597 Video Storytelling.

Week 8: Best Week Ever

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Com 597, Digital Media

Last night we had an incredibly unique classroom experience. While the class was focused on digital rights management, I have to admit that topic was not exactly the highlight of the evening – not to say it wasn’t interesting or much needed information regarding the protection of media content – but the jazzfest we attended at PBS was definitely quite the treat. I really appreciated that Drew took us for a unofficial PBS tour of the station, as it was really great to see how the productions come together from the ground floor. I knew that there was a lot more to it that what we do on our home computers, but seeing the engineering studios really demonstrated just how much effort and technology goes into producing a TV show. When we went to the REEL NW I couldn’t help but admire the lighting and camera setup on the ceiling. Not to mention the free wine, beer, and treats.

Another highlight of the night was learning the porn drives the drm industry. Very interesting fact of the day.

My prediction/analysis of the future of Hulu and its success. MCDM Com 597 Storytelling

It almost seems as though 90 seconds wasn’t long enough to express everything I wanted to for this project! The future of mainstream media is the internet. People want their news short-hand (preferably 140 characters or less), real time, and on demand. How many of us get our news by simply reading the headlines and captions on the MSN front page? Now whether today’s society is busier or simply lazier is up for debate; but regardless of the reason for this shift we have to recognize the fact that people don’t want to pursue news anymore, and pretty soon, they won’t want to pursue entertainment either. We want these media to come to us. We are no longer the consumer, we have the power to let these outlets know what we want and how we want it. And finally, they’re listening. We are the future of mainstream media.

Week 5 Reflection Com 597 Storytelling

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Com 597

Once again I thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s discussion and appreciated Richard Shenkman’s talk on the myths of history and how storytelling is key to persuading and engaging an audience, whether the story is true or not. I found the topic of staged historical media most interesting because while it makes perfect sense that there likely weren’t cameramen at these events (sewing of the flag, Pearl Harbor, etc.) I had never really thought about the reality of it.

I liked how we delved into politics a little bit tonight and the stories that politicians must tell to make them relatable to the public. Every politician is guilty of this, and yet, I can’t help but think about how sad it is that politicians have to dumb themselves down in order to appeal to the masses. You would think we would want someone with higher intelligence than the rest of us. I’m clearly not speaking for the masses.